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This is Nitem3.

Do you remember Metin2 from 2012? Each forged item had value, you had to cooperate in hunting monsters, the conquest of the dungeon required patience, and guilds fought each other. This type of game is back!

Basic information:

- International server
- The server is largely inspired by the official Metin2 server in 2012
- Same experience gain rate as in 2012
- Same drop from monsters as in 2012
- Same game tasks as in 2012
- Cheaper Item-Shop than in 2012
- Maximum level 99
- Pets
- Mounts
- New herbology system
- New mining system
- New fishing system
- Several other new systems that make the game more enjoyable

Beginning of adventure in the world of Nitem3

The beginning in a real old school game is always hard. Newcomers receive the Apprentice Chest, after which they receive basic armor and a few reinforcing items. The rest is on them: monster hunting, levelling up, upgrading gear, completing game tasks and much more. The game also requires a bit of patience. It takes some time for the hero to reach higher levels.


- Collect plants and increase the herbology level.
- Remember to perform biological tasks even in low levels.
- Try to get the best gear from the start to be able to withstand as many monsters as possible.
- Get a horse from the Stable Boy in level 25. Nobody wants to have to walk!

Medium stage of game

Most players get to this stage of the game after a few weeks of playing. In most cases players have a 40-60 character level, a better horse, stronger armor, stronger spells and can kill many more monsters. Players' regular places for monster hunting, dropping items and raising levels are the Valley of the Orcs, Spider Caves on the 1st and 2nd floors, and the first floors in the Demon Tower. Many intermediate players can also be found in the Great Desert and the Ice Lands, where items are dropped from Nitem stones.


- Try to earn Yangs by selling rare items or buying things.
- We recommend establishing/finding a guild or a group to play together. Payer cooperation is very important in higher levels.
- Try to focus on your gear for the Demon Tower. You will be rewarded if you get to the last floor without any help.
- Raise your horse's levels until it reaches level 21.

Expert stage of game

With patience and active gaming, you can get to this stage of the game within about a month. However, most players don't rush; they gradually improve their character and gear, reaching higher levels after a few months of playing. Players usually reach the top floors of the Demon Tower easily, dropping in the Red Forest, gaining experience and upgrading their buffer, with their horse at the maximum level, successfully resisting monsters in the Cavern of Exile, and slowly focusing on their PvP gear. As soon as a decent number of players (85+) reach higher levels, we’ll add more content to the game.


- At a higher level you start focusing on PvP gear.
- Kill Ice Witches with your guild.
- If you don't have all P-level spells, try to get them as soon as possible.
- Discover Seon-Pyeong's weapons and armor for much greater power.

System of plant growing

One of our systems that makes genuine old school games more enjoyable and expands your game possibilities is the plant growing system. We commissioned 12 plants models from the developer of Plechit, who is known for creating 3D objects and is one of the top developers on the scene; these plants randomly appear throughout the game world, and players can collect them. These are standard game world plants (Lilac, Kaki Blossom, etc.), whose appearance is very similar to the original appearance of the plant icons. Players can cultivate the collected plants in their garden, gaining far more plants. You can then use the plants to produce various potions, which the player can use in battle. Another part of this system is the "Cultivation" ability, the level of which increases by collecting and growing plants. The higher the Cultivation level, the higher the chance of collecting plants and the shorter time to grow them. Higher levels also increase the number of plants that can be grown.

Plants you can collect

Peach Blossom

Kaki Blossom

Gango Root




Tue Mushrooms


Sam-Zi plant





Cultivation levels

Level Time to collect plants Ability to plant a plant Ability to collect plants Number of plants collected
10(default)200-300 minutes30%50%1-3
M1200-300 minutes30%50%3-8
M2200-290 minutes32%52%3-8
M3200-280 minutes34%54%3-8
M4200-270 minutes36%56%3-8
M5200-260 minutes38%58%3-8
M6200-250 minutes40%60%3-8
M7200-240 minutes42%62%3-8
M8200-230 minutes44%64%3-8
M9200-220 minutes46%66%3-8
M10200-210 minutes48%68%3-8
G1110-210 minutes50%70%8-14
G2110-200 minutes52%72%8-14
G3110-190 minutes54%74%8-14
G4110-180 minutes56%76%8-14
G5110-170 minutes58%78%8-14
G6110-160 minutes60%80%8-14
G7110-150 minutes62%82%8-14
G8110-140 minutes64%84%8-14
G9110-130 minutes66%86%8-14
G10110-120 minutes68%88%8-14
P70-100 minutes70%90%8-14

Examples of level G6

Reworked fishing system

Do you enjoy fishing in games? In the old school game, fishing is a very important activity. With the acquired shells and pearls you can upgrade to more advanced gear, which is why many players spend long hours by the water with a fishing rod in their hand. This is why we also focused on fishing and reworked this system into a much more interesting form.

Changes in fishing in points:

- The possibility of catching a fish is random. You no longer have to count seconds before pulling the rod out of the water.
- Train your "Fishing" ability. Increasing the level of this new ability increases the chances of catching fish and gaining a shell from a fish and a pearl from the shell.
- You increase your Fishing ability by earning points. Each fish caught in the water = 1 ability point.
- You will also be informed which fish took the bait.
- You can now see how many fish were caught with your fishing rod.
- When your Fishing ability reaches level P, you can replace your rod with a premium silver rod.
- You can now pick up a quest from the fisherman every 24 hours Your quest will be to catch several random fish. When you complete the quest, you will receive a shell.

Fishing levels

Level Chances of catching a fish Chances of earning shells from fish Chances of getting pearls from seashells

New system of ore mining and smelting

Knowing that many players like to mine ores in the game, we decided to remake the smelting and mining system a little in a way that does not significantly affect the old school game while providing a better gaming experience.

The main change concerns the "Mining" ability; it now truly makes sense to increase its level. The higher the player's level of this ability, the higher the number of ores mined and the higher the chance to smelt the ore. This ability can be increased with the "Book of Mining", which you get during ore mining if you're lucky. You can read this book every 6 hours with a 30% chance of a successful reading. Each successful reading will increase your Mining ability by 1 level. The game also includes two new pickaxe skins to visually differentiate players who have a higher Mining ability.

Mining levels

Level Number of ores mined Chances of remelting ore in the furnace
01-8 10%
13-10 12%
25-13 14%
38-16 16%
411-19 18%
514-24 20%
618-27 22%
721-32 24%
824-34 26%
927-37 28%
1030-39 30%
M133-42 32%
M236-45 34%
M339-47 36%
M442-51 38%
M545-53 40%
M648-55 42%
M751-58 44%
M854-61 46%
M957-64 48%
M1060-67 50%
G163-71 50%
G266-74 50%
G369-77 50%
G473-80 50%
G576-83 50%
G679-86 50%
G783-89 50%
G887-93 50%
G990-95 50%
G1093-97 50%
P100 60%

Standard pickaxe

From mining level 0

Epic pickaxe

From mining level M1

Legendary pickaxe

From mining level P

Smelting of mined ores

We know from our experience that it takes several months for the first guild in the game to create a land with an alchemist to smelt ores. However, this way many players lose an important part of the game in the first months, so we decided to move the ore smelting to a furnace available to all in the first city. Both the functionality and design of this furnace is a very interesting element of the game.

Clicking on this furnace will open a window for ore smelting.

Ore smelting in the furnace

Daily gift system

Another new feature that diversifies and enriches the game are daily gifts. Players can draw one random daily gift every 24 hours.

System of bulk selling

This is a perfect feature that players have asked us for in a previous project. Bulk selling of items is best used at the beginning of the game, when players sell lots of collected items from the general store to gain Yangs.

New icon style


Reworked guild system

Given the fact that guilds play a very significant role in the old school game, we decided to rework them. Due to today's small number of Metin2 players, we have redesigned some of the more prominent guild features and adapted the guild system to modern times better.

Guild lands

Based on the completely modified ore smelting system, which is now no longer carried out by alchemists on guild lands but in an oven available to all players, we have decided to remove guild lands. We know that guild lands have always been an important part of the game and have served as a form presentation of the guild for many players. This is why we have created several new features that will visually divide successful and unsuccessful guilds, and even add a few bonuses for the best.

Guild blacksmiths

Guild blacksmiths were always an integral part of guild lands. These blacksmiths gained popularity among players mainly because of the higher chance of improving an item by 10%. Due to the removal of guild lands, we have integrated these blacksmiths into the game in another form. Guild blacksmiths are now freely available in the game to all players, but will only improve an item if the player's guild meets the "Higher Principle". The owner of a guild can elevate the guild to a Higher Principle under the following conditions: Payment of registration fee of 50.000.000, Participation in guild war at least 5 times, Guild level at least 10. Once a guild meets the Higher Principle, all members in the guild are allowed to improve with guild blacksmiths.

Maximum guild level

The maximum level a guild can reach is now 100. This new feature is intended to make the ranking of guilds more dynamic and not end at level 20 (as it has so far). Guilds are now ranked according to three parameters: level, number of points and higher principle (yes / no).

Exclusive bonus

To make warfare between guilds and increasing the guild level truly beneficial, and for guilds to try to get higher rankings, a new exclusive bonus has been implemented. Members of the top three guilds in the ranking will receive a bonus of +5% strength against monsters.

Icing on the cake for the guild leader

The best guild leaders do good, hard work. As icing on the cake, the leader of the guild that is first in the ranking will receive an extraordinary badge for his character.

The maximum guild level is now 100

Demonstration of the leader of the guild, who is the first in the ranking Guild Manager - a new NPC that raises the guild to a Higher Principle


One system that we can't leave out in the game inspired by 2012 is the mount system. We implemented mounts in the game just as it used to be a long time ago, which is why there are only three mounts in Nitem: the Wild Battle Boar, Battle Wolf and Battle Lion.

To better adapt this system to a difficult game, we've added the following conditions.
- A player can only ride a mount if his horse's level is 1 or higher.
- A player can only fight on a mount if his horse's level is 11 or higher.
- A player can only use spells on a mount if his horse's level is 21 or higher.

Based on these conditions, it is still necessary to take care of a standard horse in the game, and we recommend that all players begin performing the quests from the Stable Boy from level 25.

The Wild Battle Boar adds +20% strength against monsters.

The Battle Wolf increases change of critical strike by 10%.

The Battle Lion decreases the damage you suffer in a battle by 10%.


In addition to mounts, we've also implemented pets in the game just like in 2012. Nitem3 contains two pets, Porky and Khan.

Khan adds +1500 HP, +15% physical damage, and +15% magic damage.

Porky adds +1500 HP, +15% physical damage, and +15% magic damage.

Daily automatic events

We know that players love events, so we decided to implement a brand new system to run daily automatic small events. You will find their schedule in the table below.

Day Event start time Event type Event length
Every Monday18.00Increased yang drop by 50%2 hours
Every Tuesday18.00Increased drop of items by 30%3 hours
Every Wednesday18.00Increased experience gain by 30%3 hours
Every Thursday18.00Increased yang drop by 30%3 hours
Every Friday18.00Increased drop of items by 50%2 hours
Every Saturday18.00Increased experience gain by 50%2 hours
Every Sunday18.00Drop kings of kings with special items2 hours


In addition to the systems outlined in this presentation, the game offers many other minor improvements, such as reduced response time, day/night switching, and more.

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